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Keep the air fresh

We can help you with that

In times of Covid-19 ventilation and purification of your spaces is more important than ever. We can help you to keep yourself, your coworkers and customers as safe as possible.

Taking Action!

Aerosols carrying the CORONA virus and other germs can stay in the air around you for hours. What measures are you taking to make sure your workplace is as safe as possible?

Installing a system that not only purifies the air but also guarantees correct placement to achieve optimized air exchange, can give your employees and customers confidence that you are looking after them in these uncertain times. Our team of flow modeling specialists will create a model of your exact office space to identify risk areas and to ensure a perfectly tailored solution for the cleanest air possible.


How it works

Model your space
We will model the space you want to optimize. This can be done fully digitally, or we can 3D scan the area.
With our high-performance, cloud-based computing facilities, we will calculate hundreds of possible fluid-dynamic scenarios in parallel. Within a couple of hours our algorithms will search and find the best concept for your ventilation needs.
Be safe
With the results achieved you will obtain a specifically tailored solution for optimized air circulation within all your office spaces, your restaurant, your hotel, your training spaces etc.. You, your co-workers and your customers will be able to work with confidence that your space is as safe as it can be during these uncertain times.

Do You Need A Consultation?

Get in touch for a free consultation, where we can discuss your individual needs and provide you with a solution that ensures you can work and breathe with confidence.

Our Team

Covid-19Airification is your choice in the world of air quality optimization in times of Covid-19. Contact us now!


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